The Experience


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Join us for an unforgettable Christmas Experience.
Jack Frost and his army of Snoblins have been spotted heading to the North Pole. Follow your favourite characters and see what fun they get up to

arriving at the airport

When you arrive at 4 Kingdoms  you will receive your own personal Christmas passport.  Check in with our Security Guard, Barbra the Yeti and be on the lookout for Penguin stowaways.

a sleigh ride to the north pole

Hop aboard your sleigh and meet the reindeers that will fly you to the north pole.

Christmas Tree Forest

Once you arrive at the North Pole you will take a stroll through the Christmas Tree Forest.

memory lane

Continue your journey through the Traditional Elven Street.

the frosties

It’s time for an unforgettable show with The Frosties.

the toy factory

Chip and Pinn have moved to their new home in Santa’s futuristic Toy Factory. What mayhem will they cause this year?

reindeer stables

Visit Santa’s stables and meet with his friendly reindeer who have a story or two to share.

the ice castle

See if the rumours are true, have Jack Frost and his army of Snoblins taken over the Ice Castle? BEWARE: Dad’s have been known to carry the Snoblin gene, but don’t worry! They can turn back with a snow ball fight.

enchanted forest

The Enchanted Forest is home to the entrance to the Cuddle Fluff Mine. There are always mythical creatures to help you find what you’re looking for.

tunnel of light

Once you’ve found the Cuddle Fluff Mine Shaft you will take a wander down the Twinkling Tunnel of Light.

meet bartholomew

Next you’ll get to meet Santa’s trusty teddy bear, Bartholomew, before going to create your own Snow Bear.

build your very own bear

All the boys and girls will build their very own Snow Bear in the Cuddle Fluff room. Then take it on the rest of this incredible journey and after, take it home with you.

the cuddle fluff miNe

Join us for a once in a lifetime show. Captain Darling is guarding the Cuddle Fluff and has a surprise new recruit. See how things unfold when he realises he’s not alone.

the Christmas courtyard

Join us at the courtyard for food , drinks and some festive activities.

meet Mrs Claus

No visit to the North Pole would be complete without meeting Mrs Claus.

Final Stop


it all ends with your present

Finally you’ll get the chance to meet Santa in his Magical Grotto. Everyone on his good list will get a magical key that you can take into Santa’s Toy Shop and exchange if for a toy of your choice.